Post-Award Activities

Award Management

  • Conduct the research project and provide oversight and stewardship on all research activities
  • Communicate to CGMT project concerns, i.e., programmatic that could change scope/delay the project or financial impacts. Proactively manage and address issues/concerns early to prevent retroactive changes
  • Obtain interim progress reports from sub-recipients to ensure adequate progress

If Applicable:

  • Approve sub-recipient payments, if applicable to project
  • Initiate procurement transactions i.e. purchase orders, RSSA(s), Buy@Duke shopping carts, Travel reimbursements, P-Card purchases, and AP Check Request
  • Communicate to CGMT new hires to be paid on grants
  • Process new hire iForms, Supplemental iForms prior to monthly payroll/school deadlines
  • Remove all personnel on “Leave without Pay” status to a non-sponsored funding sources
  • Communicate to CGMT secondary time cards with effort on grants
  • Manage employee time reporting, time card approvals
  • Review and approve Cost Distribution iForms completed by the CGMT, ensuring forms are processed and approved timely
  • Request prior approval of any iForm submissions initiated by anyone other than CGMT
  • Review master administrative data for all projects ensuring projects are established in Duke’s systems correctly i.e. correct dates, award amount, F&A rates
  • Assist in gathering vendor forms for RSSAs as needed
  • Reconcile all awards monthly with timely corrections to any identified errors
  • Initiate cost distribution iForm changes as required
  • Provide PI with financial reports by the 25th of each month for the last closed fiscal month
  • Review and approve workflow transactions, initiated by the department and project transactions in a timely manner

Project Management

  • Meet with GCMT monthly to review portfolio addressing financial and project status
  • Review financial reports with GCA to address any funding or project concerns
  • Confirm monthly effort distributions for all staff paid on projects to eliminate the need for untimely cost distribution changes
  • Submit programmatic report to sponsor in timely manner

If Applicable:

  • Assist CGMT in categorizing project expenditures for sponsor specific financial reporting as needed
  • Engage CGMT when project will require a no cost extension
  • Ensure institutional compliance with annual effort certifications for PI/staff (ECERT)
  • Meet monthly with PI to address financial and project status, including projections and future financial impacts/needs
  • Confirm monthly effort distributions on projects to eliminate the need for untimely cost distributions changes
  • Review cash management (Accounts Receivable, Deposit Reconciliation) as part of project financial review
  • Elevate concerns to the PI, department and central office partners to reduce institutional financial risk
  • Provide PI with reporting deadlines
  • Assist PI with administrative/financial details required for programmatic reporting

 If Applicable:

  • Perform project modifications:

    • Re-budgeting
    • No Cost Extensions
    • Carry Over Request
    • Key Personnel Modifications
  • Provide central office with expenditure details for sponsor specific reporting, as needed

Project Closeout

  • Timely review and approval of PI Attestations
  • Timely submission of all final technical/programmatic reports to the sponsor

If Applicable:

  • Confirm WBSE backstop codes for overdrafts/fixed price residual balances
  • Remove all personnel from projects paid on secondary time cards
  • Ensure all project cost are distributed to the award
  • Timely Closeout sponsored projects to ensure institutional compliance with financial reporting

If Applicable:

  • If overdraft, confirm backstop code assigned to project WBSE(s)